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          With its excellent compensation system and a variety of associated benefits, your dedication and contribution will be fully rewarded in Sinocare. You can enjoy the accomplishment and happiness of work with us.

          You can enjoy a colorful life with Sinocare

          Perks such as gym, Yoga room, dancing room, badminton court and basketball court can help you enjoy your leisure time after work. Comfortable Tea and book bar provide a small space for your respite during work.

          You will be fully motivated in Sinocare

          We provide stock option incentive for our employees to share the success together we make.

          We are family

          Every employee of Sinocare will receive best wishes and small gifts in their birthday and anniversary of entry. Colorful trade union and team building activities enrich our life and bond us together.

          Compensation & Benefit
          Holidays Benefits
          Service Award
          Annual Examination
          Free Workout
          Employee Discounts
          Special Greetings
          Free Accommodations
          Nourishing Cafeteria